Running the test!!! The rail inspection vehicle (Hirail)

Designed 100% manufactured in Thailand by Armtech Engineering Co., Ltd. with railway inspection technology… Armtech Company has delivered the project and tested a prototype of a Hirail inspection vehicle, which TISTR - RTTC jointly developed with Armtech Engineering Company Limited to be able to have a check distance on the railroad tracks. More than 200 kilometers per day by TISTR - RTTC in collaboration with Armtech Company to design and produce in Thailand by itself. with a system to check the integrity and defects of railway work equipment, such as checking for cracked rails Check the rail size, etc. Armtech is ready to support the extension of industrial-level railway inspection technology that Thai people produce and use themselves in the country. We will gradually take beautiful pictures and videos. During the test, let's come down to watch again.

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